A Naymz.com RepScore of 8 in 20 minutes

A couple of months ago I got an email invitation for Naymz.com and decided to sign up.

Not having paid much attention to it for a while I recently stumbled across this post: http://collinlahay.com/2008/08/07/link-building-with-naymz/ on Collin Lahay’s website wich had some excellent tips on how to improve your Naymz profile. After reading I decided to try and improve my own Naymz RepScore. The RepScore is a Naymz.com score system determined by factors like Profile Completeness, connections, references, ID verification, etc.

My starting score was a 3/10.

The following is a step by step detailing my steps that resulted in getting a good Naymz.com RepScore.

  1. Create a free profile: http://www.naymz.com
  2. Fill in as much personal/business information as possible, this includes:
  1. Name, Residence, Occupation & Media
  2. Your Resume, can even be nearly empty like Collin Lahay’s post mentioned
  3. A Photo
  4. Contact Information
  5. Email adres | Add more of your emails for additional points
  6. A short About… section
  1. Add links from any personal, company and or blog websites you have (e.g. I also included a link to my Fotolia Portfolio). Also make sure to include the feed links if your blog and or website has them
  2. Invite family, friends and colleages to join
  3. Invite family, friends and colleages to leave you references
  4. Add your “Tags”
  5. Verify your identity | Now this was a very important step towards improving my score since this adds up to 250 points (for a RepScore point breakdown edit your Naymz Profile and click on “RepScore Details” and then any of the RepScore links). Naymz.com uses a service called Trufina in order to verify your identity. Now whether or not Trufina is truely insurance to prove “you are really you” is not really important at this point. Naymz.com uses it and it’s a good way to instandly improve your RepScore. Using the Trufina Coupon Code (c4ub8y3n | $3.95 discount) I found here I ended up paying only about $11 for both a “Trufina ID Badge” and a “Criminal Background Check” which I think is a good investment.

All in all the result was a RepScore of 8/10 as you can see on my profile here: http://www.naymz.com/search/thomas/korthuis/2071758 and all without paying the $9.99/m premium service naymz.com offers.

All this took me about 20 min. This time was also reduced because I already had a lot of info on hand from other social networking websites (e.g. my LinkedIn profile) as you may also already have.

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