Eve Online Mac OS X cpu throttle

I’ve been playing Eve Online for a while now and sometimes I wanted to run it in the background but due to the cpu load Eve takes this is not really possible.

So I searched and found a program called cputhrottle (more info here)

It enables you to set the cpu usage of a process as a percentage.

So lets say Eve usually takes 80% cpu, with cputhrottle you can set this to 40%.

All great stuff, but grew tired of constantly running the Activity Monitor > locating Eve’s process id > then go into Terminal and run cputhrottle.

So using my tiny knowledge of applescript I wrote a scriptlet to do this process for you.

Here is the app: EveCPUThrottle.app.tgz
and here is the source scriptlet: EveCPUThrottle.scpt.tgz

Feel free to modify whatever you like.

If you find it usefull feel free to donate some ISK to me, my in-game character name is “Vorlean”

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