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MySQL Backup to DropBox Solution – PHP Script

I have been using several mysql backup and syncing scripts now for different applications. I decided to combine a few and create a sort of all-in-one backup solution that backs up to a DropBox folder.

It uses the “DropBox Uploader” class from
It backs up multiple databases.

Download here:

Disclaimer: Some of the snippets of code are from existing scripts I have used over the years, so I don’t remember all sources. I this happens to be your code snippet let me know, and I’ll include the proper credits.

Finally……Aperture 3 is released

Almost 2 years to date since the release of version 2.0 (feb. 12 ’08) Apple release version 3.0:

I am personally very happy since I still use Aperture (instead of Lightroom). Mainly this was due to the fact that I did have the time to research transferring over to Lightroom which might or moght not have been an easy project.

Anyway, v3.0 is ordered and on it’s way let’s wait and see what it brings.

New website launched for Mew fans |

Recently I launched the new website for Mew fans looking for the Mew – Live in Copenhagen DVD that is somewhat hard to find.

For more info checkout the website:

**UPDATE** Due to some IP changes (switching to dedicated IP) may refer back here. If it does, just check back later since it just takes some time for the new IP to propagate and direct you to the right page. all ok now!