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Odiogo added to GeekyNomad.com

GeekyNomad.com post can now be listened to through the service of Odiogo.com.

You can do this by using the “listen now” button or by using the “subscribe now” button in the sidebar.

Tip: Just wanted to include my experience regarding the plugin. For me it wasn’t immediately clear how I could manually determine the location of the plugin “listen now” button. Then I stumbled across a line in odiogo_listen_button.php (wp-content > plugins > odiogo_listen_button) which I had overlooked.

Around line 113 there is an option that says:

$odiogo_adv_options['manually_insert_listennow_link'] = false;

Set this to true and use the code:

<?php odiogo_listennow();?>

to include the listen button anywhere you want in your template files.

UPDATE: In one of the updates of de Odiogo button this feature (meaning $odiogo_adv_options['manually_insert_listennow_link'] = false;) was moved from around line 113 to around line 57.