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Aperture 3.0.1 update

From http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2518:

This update improves overall stability and addresses a number of issues in Aperture 3, including (abridged):

  • All the features we added with this new version…
  • Some existing features that didn’t really work all that good anymore with the new version…
  • and much more.

And, before I forget, does it make a difference? It did for me, most notably, my loading time was improved and browsing through the pictures was snappier.

I have some remaining face detection running and its using a fair chunk of cpu (130%+). Also just having Aperture sit idle takes up about 850mb+ memory.

New Development Horizons – Getting into iPhone Dev

Today I enrolled into the iPhone Development Program. Since I have no objective C, C++ or C- knowledge I looked for tools beforehand in order to make the step into development simpler.

I found a couple:

Now the difference between PhoneGap, Titanium and Corona is that both PhoneGap and Titanium are tools to help you write iPhone apps based on html and javascript including many of the popular libraries (prototype, mootools, jquery, etc.) thereby essentially removing the learning curve of iPhone dev for web designers. Also both are free downloads.

Corona on the other hand is a different matter all together. It let’s you write in Lua. Therefore Corona does have a learning curve, but (keep in mind I don’t know enough about iPhone dev to say this with complete certainty ) might provide more advanced development possibilities.

As of now I will start out using PhoneGap, and when things go smoothly and I have the time to mess about with the Corona Trail Download I might even purchase the Corona Package ($99) and use that since the Lua language seems logical and easy to learn.

I’ll post regularly with updates regarding my Dev journey.